Management Today: When a dream job turns into a nightmare: how to avoid the ‘glass cliff’ phenomenon

I was invited by Management Today to write a piece explaining the Glass Cliff phenomenon, and how we can overcome it.

The glass cliff is the cultural phenomenon whereby women and racially marginalised men are more likely to be offered senior leadership roles in businesses that are going through a period of operational crisis – be it financial, reputational, or of another nature. Taking on these risky and often highly visible roles can associate a new female leader with failure before she’s even held her first meeting, pushing her ever closer to the edge of the glass cliff. Those who fall, or are pushed, often lose not only their roles, but their reputations along the way. Through no fault of their own, what should have been a dream job turns into a nightmare.

Sophie Williams – Authour of The Glass Cliff

I explain what The Glass Cliff is, why it happens, and importantly, the factors that aspiring female leaders need to be on the lookout for to avoid falling into its trap, and over the cliff’s edge.

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