I have had the honour of being asked to contribute / being cited in several books, including:

This Is How We Come Back Stronger – contributed the essay ‘June 11th 2020, 4am. Notes App‘ – which is possibly my favourite thing I’ve ever written

The Mixed Race Experience – by Natalie and Naomi Evans – the founders of Everyday Facism. I contributed a small section about growing up mixed race.

It’s Your Loss – Living With Grief Is Hard. We Hope This Book Will Help – by Emma Hopkinson and Robyn Donaldson. Contributed the section ‘In Praise of Chosen Families’ – speaking about the experience of familial estrangement.

But, Why? by Clemmie Telford – citing talking about anti-racist allyship

Confidence Feels Like Shit: The truth about confidence and what it really takes to create it, by Erika Cramer. Contributed a short piece about growing in confidence during my life and career.

Social Media Strategy – Julie Atherton. Discussing the best practices of authentic, value-driven social.

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