Stylist: After the glass ceiling comes the ‘glass cliff’ – here’s how it could harm your career

As part of the publication of The Glass Cliff – Why Women in Power are Undermined and How To Fight Back, by Sophie Williams, I was invited to contribute to Stylist Magazines IWD 2024 roster, with a piece explaining the Glass Cliff phenomenon, how it impacts women’s careers, and what need to be done to turn the tides and improve women’s leadership prospects.

This is one of my favourite things I’ve ever written, and it gives a great bite sized insight into the Glass Cliff phenomenon, and the topics covered in the book.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been warned about the glass ceiling, the invisible but seemingly impossible-to-break-through barrier that sits above the heads of women in business,  stalling their careers and stopping them not only from scaling to the highest possible peaks of leadership, but the limits of their personal potential.

Growing up as a girl in the 90s, fed on a diet of Spice Girls-branded ‘girl power’, I was used to being told that anything was possible for girls like me – a message that I found difficult to balance alongside the limiting force of the glass ceiling I’d heard so much about.

This is until I learned about ‘the glass cliff’ – the lesser-known sister to the glass ceiling.

Sophie Williams – Author of The Glass Cliff

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