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I regularly give presentations and workshops, Q&As, keynote talks, and panels for businesses, organisations and universities about gender, anti-racism, allyship, intersectionality, and how to build equality and inclusion into your day-to-day and working life. I deliver talks both virtually and IRL.

My areas of specialism are race, gender, and the intersection of the two. My talks are heavily data and evidence led, and aim to leave you and your team with not only a better understanding of the topics. being discussed, but feeling empowered to make tangible change for the better – wherever level of business they are in. My talks are informed by the topics of my writing:

  • The Glass Cliff focuses on gender inequity in leadership, and asks not only why we see so few successful female leaders, but what we can do to better strive for equality in this area.
  • Millennial Black focuses on Black women’s lived experiences in UK and US workplaces, investigating the barriers in place, and what businesses can do to overcome them.
  • Anti-Racist Ally focuses on racism in our society, and leaves us with practical, actionable tips and tools to make a positive change in and out of the workplace.

My area of specialism is race, gender, and the intersection of the two – with a particular focus on Blackness, Allyship, and The Glass Cliff. I try to speak openly, and authentically – demystifying language and leaving the businesses I visit with clear and actionable steps that can be taken on by all employees, regardless of role or seniority, to build better equality and representation into the foundations of our working lives and practices.

I have delivered sessions for many businesses, in many sectors, including:

Businesses: Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Tesco Bank, Network Rail, NHS, Ad Week, Sky, John Frieda, Vevo, Feeld, Crowd Cube, City and Guilds, Fortune, the BFI, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Young Minds, LVMH, and many many others

Governmental Bodies: UK Civil Service, Department for Work and Pensions, Department for Housing, Department for International Trade, NHS, Quality Care Commission, TFL

Educational Bodies: Central School of Speech and Drama, UAL, Cambridge University, University of Central Florida, Essex Student Union, York St Johns University

Charities: The Rio Ferdinand Foundation, Primadonna, Bloom, Bloom in Colour, The Dogs Trust

If you would like me to work with your business, please drop me a note on *my first name* and I’d love to speak with you!

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Tesco Bank 2022