TED Talk – The Glass Cliff

TED, Abbey Road Studios, London, Feb 2021

I did a TEDx Talk, which was selected to be upgraded to be a real, full, TEDTalk, featured on the TED website! You can watch here!

I can’t quite believe it, but it’s real!! And over a million people have already seen it!

I thought a lot about what to talk about, and I landed on what has always been my first and main focus – the experiences of Black women in the workplace. So, I used my time to talk about The Glass Cliff – something I write a whole chapter about in Millennial Black, and something I want to raise awareness of. It felt good to go back to Black women being front and center in my work and writing.

The organisers told me that women never talk about business, and they don’t think a Black woman ever has before, we speak more often about personal experiences, and our identities. So, I’m breaking new ground!

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