TED Talk – The Glass Cliff

TED, Abbey Road Studios, London, Feb 2021

Before turning the Glass Cliff into the topic of my 2024 book, I did a TED Talk on the topic, back in 2021, which has since been viewed by over 1.5million people.

The talk is available to watch here!

The talk, much like The Glass Cliff book, looks at the phenomenon of the Glass Cliff, which all too often sets female leaders up for failure before they’ve even begun, and sees them left as scapegoats, cleaning up the messes of businesses in the midst of crisis, at their own professional risk.

When I was invited to speak, I was asked to deliver a talk don’t he topic of allyship. Whilst allyship is an essential topic, it didn’t feel quite right as the topic of my TED. After thinking long and hard about what to talk about, and I landed on what has always been my first and main focus – the experiences of Black women in the workplace. So, I used my time to talk about The Glass Cliff – something that at the time had inspired a chapter in Millennial Black, and has gone on to be a topic I’ve covered extensively in its own book, The Glass Cliff, Why Women In Power are Undermined, and How to Fight Back.

The organisers told me that women never talk about business, and they don’t think a Black woman ever has before, we speak more often about personal experiences, and our identities. So, I’m breaking new ground!

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