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Millennial Black is now available to pre-order everywhere except the US and Canada (I’m working on it – news to come soon!).

Pre-orders hugely help authors, so if you’re able to pre-order, it would be deeply appreciated.

Millennial Black provides a much-needed roadmap for young black womxn striving to progress in the workplace in 2021 and beyond, together with actionable steps to succeed in what can often be hostile environments.

Sophie also offers implementable guidance for employers and business owners who are tackling the essential task of building and retaining inclusive and diverse offices, as well as looking to be effective allies and leaders in the future of inclusive working.

Millennial Black will look specifically at the problems facing black womxn, tapping into the readership that loved Slay In Your LaneWhat A Time To Be Alone and Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race.

From tips on setting boundaries, and avoiding the race pay gap, through advice on building your own “lady gang”, establishing your value and being able to negotiate, to tackling the serious issues of workplace sexual harassment and racist abuse, this is a comprehensive guide to building the career you want, and thriving, in a workplace that may not actively support you as a person of colour, welcome you, or recognise your contribution.

We CAN and we WILL rise. Together.


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I’m working towards mentoring the next generation BIPOC women warriors, using art for activism and I feel this would be perfect to put on a resource reading list! Please let me know as soon as this is available to order in the U.S. Thank you!

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