Architectural Digest; Renovation Project

On Halloween 2019, I was in my first meeting with the publishing house that would eventually buy and publish my first two books. During that meeting I got an email – the open-plan factory conversion flat that we were in the process of buying had finally completed (in the nick of time – we were looking at Air BnB’s and putting everything we owned into storage as the process dragged on and the place we were renting was about to be taken on by a new tenant), and we could collect the keys right away.

The reality of two people and one energetic cat living in one big room really hit home during the pandemic, with us both working from home, needing to hide inside wardrobes or in the bathroom to take calls or give interviews. It wasn’t going to work. And so we renovated – at first on our own, and then with some help from people who actually knew what they were doing!

Architectural Digest were kind enough to ask to take some photos and speak to us about what we’d been up to, and we jumped at the chance, of course! You can find the feature here, (with lots of photos!), and you can follow along on our home renovation adventure on our Instagram.

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