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Here is everything you need to make a complaint to The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards about the hateful, misgendering, Tweets posted by Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne on June 20th 2020. As a Lord, she is beholden to the house’s code of conduct, which specifically covers bullying and hate speech.

Last year only 20 complaints were received to this address. This year, I think we co do better.

1. Email Template

Visit here to see a pdf copy of an email of complaint, which you can copy and paste and send. The screenshots mentioned are also linked to. Please note – as well as the email you must also complete and attach the Official Complaint Form for it to be investigated.

2. House of Lords official Commissioner for Standards complaint form.

This is the official form to make a complaint to the House of Lords. Fill this in in your own words and send as an attachment to the email above.


Add Yours

Categorising trans women/men and pedophiles in the same catagory is cop out Nazi propaganda/ideology for people who are too lazy and privileged to do their research or bring forth any evidence proving their point

Discriminating remarks made against the trans community and Munroe Bergdorf is classed as a hate crime, which is perpetuating the recent increase in hate crimes against the trans community that rose by 81% last year.

I call on you to investigate a breach of code of conduct: the transphobic bullying of Munroe Bergdorf by Baroness Nicholson on 20/06/2020 on twitter.
I have written to you via email about this appalling behaviour.
Many thanks and I look forward to hearing that you have fully dealt with this bullying appropriately.

I cannot believe that we have such prejudice in 2020 in this country! A nation that has the history we have had, yet tries to pretend that we aren’t currently forward thinking and are not bigoted needs to remove such awful people from the political arena. She cannot make such statement on Twitter and continue in the same capacity! This is not acceptable!! We need to move a more accepting!! Comments like she makes belong on the dark ages! If she cannot get with the times and stop being so judgemental and homophobic and hurtful, she needs to step down!! There’s no place for that hatefulness in today’s society!!

It absolutely DISGUSTS me as someone who’s part of the LGBTQ community and as a proud supporter of trans and black empowerment to see that a woman who is a part of the House of Lords has openly been spreading and using her platform to promote hatred, transphobia and racism. There HAS to be consequences to this kind of behaviour coming from someone of high class and with a large platform. This is 2020, we need to be moving forward and doing everything in our power to fight prejudice, injustice and hate crime.

It’s time people like Baroness Nicholson were stripped of their title and role in the House of Lords and elsewhere in the UK. Perpetrators of hate, which she is, against transpeople in our society cannot be tolerated. The fact that she holds such a seat of power and influence is a disgrace. There are codes of conduct in the House of Lords which are there to protect members of the UK against such speeches of hate. She has committed a crime, in light of these standards and should therefore be held to account.

It’s time people like Baroness Nicholson were removed from such positions of power and influence. She has outdated opinions and isn’t willing to treat people with respect. Times have changed and so too should parliament.

Thank you for sharing this and the continued work that you do to make the world a better place for all of us.

Thank you for sharing!
People like Baroness Nicholson who have outdated views and influence. Times have changed!
Thank you for continuing to help make the world we live in a better place!

Best believe I have sent the email complaint!

Baroness Nicholson should step down or be stripped of her title. There should be no platform for someone who has hateful and discriminating views against other humans. Her behaviour is unacceptable and rather immature, how someone like her can sit in the House of Commons is beyond me.

I feel so sad the LGBTQ+ community STILL has to hear such inhuman comments! I cannot believe people feel comfortable and entitled to say horrible, horrible things about others – So profoundly disrespectful. Shame on you!!! it’s absolute cruelty. It shows ignorance on the mental health impact such abuse and violence causes. It shows lack of manners – haven’t you learnt yet to mind your own business? How on hearth is this even an appropriate behaviour. It’s truly so silly and immature. Educate yourself instead of going around hurting other people’s feelings and society this way!

How can this be allowed/accepted or in any way appropriate in 2020? Jobs would be lost with immediate effect for anyone else. This has to be addressed and stopped.Standing down is the only decent thing to do

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