Anti-Racist Ally – available for pre-order now!

Hi, I’m Sophie Williams, the author of Anti-Racist Ally. I’m an ex-COO who left my career in advertising to write books, have difficult conversations about race – and to give others the tools to do the same, in the hopes that together, we can make real change.

Anti-Racist Ally is a book that gives everyone the tools to be a great anti-racist ally, whether they’re at the start of their journeys, or looking for ways to keep up the momentum and make real change in the lives of marginalised communities.

Anti-Racist Ally, published in October 2020 by HQ, a Harper Collins imprint, is my debut book, though you might have already seen my work on my @OfficialMillennialBlack Instagram, where I provide free, informational, anti-racism resources to my followers.

In the last few months, I’ve set up a charity web shop, to raise money for anti-racism organisations (100% of all profits are donated, transparently), and I’ve even had anti-racism billboards put up in London to try to take the message offline.

Bringing Anti-Racist Ally into the world is an attempt to further break my echo chamber, and, through this small, low cost book, spark conversations in groups that might not engage digitally.

Pre-orders really help authors in a million different ways, so if you’re able to pre-order Anti-Racist Ally, it will be deeply appreciated.

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