Home printable posters for peaceful protests

People have asked for posters to use at protests all over the world, and so here are a set of posters as PNG’s, and below each set is a download link to a big, high res PDFs that you can print at home and take to protests. UPDATE – THE TRANSFER LINK WAS A 7 DAY SOLUTION, IF YOU STILL NEED ONE OF THESE POSTERS CONTACT ME AND I CAN SEND TO YOU. X

For those who are able, I’ve also put up a web store, with the help of Awesome Merchandise, where you can buy art prints, stickers, badges and postcards. Please note, like these downloads, I won’t make any money from these – 100% of profits will be transparently donated to orgs fighting racism internationally. I’d love it if you could support <3. SHOP HERE

Happy, safe, protesting, and happy shopping. xx


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