Long Distance Dinner Party. Week 3.

Social Distancing. Together.

Week 3! Time flies when you’re social distancing! Or…maybe not. I’ve just tested out using a bin as a hat, so maybe we’ve all gone a little stir crazy.

In any case, this week we’re going to be making quesadillas with guacamole. It’s super simple and super yum, and flexible enough that you can make it with a whole range of storecupboard options.

When is it?

We’ll be cooking together for the second time on Thursday 9th April at 6.30PM (UK)

How do I join?

We’re going to keep trying an Instagram Live. So follow me on @sophiewilliamsofficial and we’ll see how that goes. If it’s no good, we’ll try something different next time around.

The Recipe

To make things as accessible as possible, I’ve broken things down into Essentials, and Nice To Have’s. I’ll be honest, it will be tricky to make the bare essentials into a masterpiece, so if you have any of the nice to haves, they’ll go a long way!

You can get inventive with the quesadilla fillings. Do you have a tin of beans? They can go in to make a great filling, or as a bean dip alternative to the guacamole if you don’t have avocados. Got some veg in the fridge that’s looing a little sad? Chop it up and throw it in – this really is a super versatile dish.

Share the things you cook on Instagram with the hashtag #LDDP so we can all see what you’ve made!

The Method

This is surprisingly simple, and totally yum.

At 6.30 – Once we’re all together, this is what we’ll do:

  • Wash hands
  • Prep. We’ll start by getting the ingredients ready – we’ll peel and chop the onion, cut up the tomatoes and deseed and chop the pepper and chilli. We’ll also grate the cheese.
  • Once everything is chopped we’ll make the guac – open up the avocado, pop in a bowl with oil, salt, pepper and lime juice and smush with a potato masher or a fork. Set aside. (You can get super fancy here and use truffle oil, or add a little paprika or garlic puree – depends on how you feel and what you have in the cupboard)
  • Mix together the chopped ingredients and grated cheese together in a bowl and season
  • Heat up a pan on the hob, keep it dry (don’t add oil)
  • Put some of the cheese and vegetable mix onto a tortilla and lower into the hot pan. Put another tortilla on top
  • When the bottom tortilla is brown use a spatula to flip. This can be messy and bits can fall out – but it doesn’t matter!
  • Once the second side is browned and the cheese is melty take out of the pan and onto a plate
  • Repeat twice with the other tortillas and fillings, stacking them on top of each other on the plate as you go.
  • Cut it up like a cake! Serve with the guacamole.
  • We’re done! It’s yum!
  • Chat time. Talk about how you’re getting on in the first few weeks of social distancing, and for some, self-isolation.

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