Long Distance Dinner Party. Week 4

Social Distancing. Together.

Mushroom Kale Enchiladas

Week 4! I had to skip last week because I was sick, but this week I’m on the road to recovery and ready for another cook along.

This week we’re going to be making mushroom kale enchiladas. If you have wraps leftover from last weeks quesadillas, and some rice and tinned tomatoes in the cupboard, then you’re good to go!

When is it?

We’ll be cooking together for the on Thursday 16th April at 6.30PM (UK)

How do I join?

We’re going to keep trying an Instagram Live. So follow me on @sophiewilliamsofficial and you’ll get a notification at 6.30pm when it’s time to go.

The Recipe

To make things as accessible as possible, I’ve broken things down into Essentials, and Nice To Have’s. I’ll be honest, even if you don’t have the mushrooms or kale you’ll still be able to make something pretty great, don’t worry too much!

You can get inventive with the enchilada fillings. Got some left over corn, peppers, or any other sad looking veg at the back of the cupboard? Chop it up and throw it in, the more the merrier!

Share the things you cook on Instagram with the hashtag #LDDP so we can all see what you’ve made!

The Method

This is surprisingly simple, and totally yum.

At 6.30 – Once we’re all together, this is what we’ll do:

  • Wash hands
  • Start with the rice – cook your rice in a pan with a good pinch of salt and some of the spices you have – paprika, chilli, any spice blend you have.
  • Pre heat the oven to 250 degrees
  • Prep veg. Whilst the rice is cooking we’ll prep the other ingredients. We’ll peel and chop the onion and garlic, take the kale off the stem, and chop up the mushrooms and the chives, if you have them. We’ll also grate the cheese.
  • Heat up a pan with some oil and cook the mushrooms until they’re golden. Then add the kale and 50ml of water and cook until the kale is cooked and softened.
  • Take the mushrooms and kale and add to the pan with the cooked rice. Mix mix mix.
  • Time to make the sauce. Pan fry your garlic, then add the onion. Once that’s all softened add the spices and any chilli paste and keep mixing. Then pour over your tin of tomatoes. Season and cook for 6-7 mins until it’s made a thicker sauce consistency.
  • Add HALF of the cheese, and the juice from half a lime (if you’re using) to the bowl of rice and mushrooms.
  • Take one ladle of the tomato sauce and spread it over the bottom of a heatproof oven tray with high sides. (this will stop the bread from sticking)
  • Lay out a tortilla and spoon some of the mushroom mixture into it, then roll over to make a little tube and put into the heatproof oven dish on top of the tomato sauce layer, with the join side facing down. Repeat with all of the tortillas until you’ve used up all of the mixture. Line them all up in the dish.
  • Pour over the remaining tomato sauce and cheese.
  • Bake for around 10 mins until the cheese is melted and golden.
  • Enjoy! xx

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