Long Disctance Dinner Party. Week 5

Social Distancing. Together.

Potato Kale Hash

It’s week 5 and we’re ready for another cook along.

This week we’re going to be making potato kale hash. It’s super simple, and really flexible. If you don’t have kale, swap in some other leafy veg, or skip it all together. Bell pepper can be replaced by tomatoes, or a jar or preserved peppers – so long as you have potatoes and cheese, you’re going to make something great!

When is it?

We’ll be cooking together for the on Thursday 16th April at 6.30PM (UK)

How do I join?

We’re going to keep trying an Instagram Live. So follow me on @sophiewilliamsofficial and you’ll get a notification at 6.30pm when it’s time to go.

The Recipe

This week we’ve moved away form essentials and nice to haves, instead, I’ve suggested some alternatives in place of ingredients.

This really is super flexible – the potatoes are important, and so is the cheese, but aside from that, experiment with what you have.

Share the things you cook on Instagram with the hashtag #LDDP so we can all see what you’ve made!

The Method

This is surprisingly simple, and totally yum.

At 6.30 – Once we’re all together, this is what we’ll do:

  • Wash hands
  • Start with the potatoes. Chop them into bite sized cubes of pretty equal sizes (so they all cook at the same rate), and par boil them in salted water until they start to soften.
  • Prep the other veg whilst the potatoes boil. That means taking the hard stems out of the kale, chopping up the pepper and onion, and peeling and finely chopping the garlic.
  • Take a pan that can go both on the hob top and into the oven (basically a pan that doesn’t have a plastic handle – if you only have plastic handle pans you can cover the handle with a layer of tin foil when it comes to oven time). Put the par boiled potatoes with a splash of oil, until they start to brown.
  • Add the chopped pepper, onion and garlic to the pan with the tomatoes. Cook for around 3 mins until it all smells great!
  • Add the kale and salt & pepper and cook for another ~3mins, until the kale has wilted.
  • Use a spoon to make 4 holes in the mixture, and crack one egg into each hole.
  • Put the grill on high.
  • Cover with the grated cheese, and put the whole pan under the grill (using foil to cover the handle if the pan has a plastic handle)
  • You’re done when the eggs are cooked and the cheese is melty. Take the pan out carefully (the handle is hot), add some hot sauce.
  • Yum xx

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